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Welcome to the Rigol Homebrew Wiki
Rigol DS1052E

We are a affiliation of some people that wants to open the Rigol oscilloscopes for new software and the open source community. We know that switching the bandwith from 50MHz to 100MHz is cool, but not the only possible improvement we can do.
We've reverse engineered parts of the hard- and software and written a toolchain for building and uploading our own applications.

Actually this wiki is relatively empty, you can only find the toolchain, some schematics and general information. Hope this will change in the near future. If you want write howto's, add your informations or have another rigol related project, write to krater to get a wiki account.

If you want to write your own software or only ever wanted to play pong on your Rigol, the best startpoint is to read the installation howto for the toolchain, patch your firmware and play around with the examples.

For help and more informations, i suggest you to join our mailing list or join our channel #rigolhomebrew at FreeNode


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